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SYUNKAは “bespoke flower”をコンセプトに、より上質な花をお届けすることを目指した花のアトリエです。

おもてなしの場で花を飾る中で、人と花の関わりの原点である「贈る」行為に注目し、 “bespoke flower” をコンセプトにしています。

“bespoke” とはもともと注文紳士服の用語で、制作にかかる前にお客様とたくさんのお話をし、お好みや願いをデザインに反映させ、ご要望にぴったりの素材を探し出し、世界にただ一つのものを誂えることを意味します。


SYUNKA is a flower atelier with "bespoke flower" concept. Our mission is to deliver high quality flowers.

The owner Shungetsu Nakamura started the atelier when he returnedfrom Paris in 2006, hoping to communicate "the power of flowers".
SYUNKA re-emphasizes "gift giving" aspect in the flower arrangement,believing that it is the roots of relationship between human beingsand flowers.

The word "bespoke" originates in ustom-made clothing.
The concept of "bespoke" is to have many discussions with clientsbefore productions in order to reflect clients' tastes and requests in designs, to choose the best materials for such requests, then to deliver the best suited products for the clients.

Please share your thoughts and request when ordering at SYUNKA.
We will deliver flowers that best suit your requests and the season, which only SYUNKA can make it happen.

中 村 俊 月 Shungetsu Nakamura

1975 年 横浜生まれ。華道 相阿弥流師範。 日本とヨーロッパの美学が融けあったスタイルは、数多くの5ツ星ホテルやファッションメゾン、セレブリティの邸宅でその真価を開花させている。 知識と経験に基づいた企画力とデザイン力、日本トップレベルの仕入れルートを併せ持ち、リピーターになるクライアントが絶えない。 現在、白金に「SYUNKA」を構える。

Shungetsu Nakamura

Born in Yokohama.
Holds Grand Master of the Souami, one of the Japanese flowerarrangement traditions with time-honored history.
He developed his Euro-Japanese mixing flower design style in Paris,and his works are now often seen at a number of 5 star hotels,fashion maisons, and celebrities' homesteads. Many of his clients become repeated customers.
Successfully secured top-level buying channel for his flower art works, and along with his profound knowledge and experiences, he realizes his original art styles in flower arrangement works.
His atelier SYUNKA is located in Shirokane, Tokyo, since 2006.


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